Antenna Irradiation Immunity Test


The test system for in-vehicle electronic equipment irradiates electromagnetic fields to in-vehicle electronic equipment installed on a test stand in an anechoic chamber to evaluate its immunity to interference from strong electric fields.
For vehicle testing, the vehicle is placed in an anechoic chamber and then irradiated with electromagnetic fields to evaluate its immunity to electromagnetic interference.

We offer flexible solutions ranging from a basic low-profile configuration at the 95/54/EC directive level to a high-field test system capable of 600 V/m, as required by U.S. automakers’ standards.

The TEPTO EMS-X RS software enables advanced, fast, and safe system control with various safety functions in addition to standard functions such as feedback control by progressive wave or net power, constant peak calculation of AM modulation, and support for special modulation such as radar pulse, which are essential for automotive-related testing.

System integration with the optimum hardware for each use and application. We also accept system upgrades and upgrades using existing hardware.


  • Supports flexible system configuration in the frequency range of 10k-40GHz.
  • A wide range of amplifiers are available to meet your specifications, applications, and budgets.
  • Lineup of antennas for generating high electric fields, including low-frequency E-field generators, double-stack LPDAs, and high-gain horns.
  • Capable of handling high-speed pulse modulation such as digital modulation and radar pulses, in addition to AM, FM, and pulse modulation.
  • Achieve high speed by using high-speed electric field sensors.
  • Various hardware/software protection functions for safety are provided as standard.
  • Optional superimpose function to record the state of the test with camera images is also available.

Supported Standards

ISO11451-2/ISO11452-2、ISO13766-1/ISO13766-2、95/54/EC、SAE J1113-21 etc.

System Configuration Examples

【In-vehicle Components】


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