Automotive Emission Measurement System


With the introduction of ECE R10 for on-road vehicles such as hybrid and electric vehicles, in addition to the gasoline vehicles that have existed up to now, there is an increasing demand for measurement under various conditions.

In addition to ignition system noise, which has been measured for some time, clock noise interference caused by the installation of various electronic components has long been a problem in automotive development.
On the other hand, the rapid development of international standards such as EU regulations and R10 has made it necessary to accurately and efficiently measure emissions from the standpoint of compliance.

Based on our extensive experience and achievements in EMI measurements for in-vehicle electronic equipment, we have established a system solution specialized for actual vehicle EMI measurements and promise to meet any standard measurement requirements.


  • High speed and sophistication are achieved by using the broadband time domain of EMI receivers.
  • On-demand solutions from systems for certification measurements to countermeasure verification.
  • Low noise floor measurement by using low NF preamplifier.
  • Customizable software.
  • Standard support for spare parts, EMI receivers, and antenna positioners from various manufacturers.
  • Extensive experience with automotive and in-vehicle electronics manufacturers.
  • Various settings can be changed for each frequency range file.
  • Creation of a range file for each detailed frequency allows for accurate frequency range and step measurements.
  • Files can be created for each EUT operating status Supports measurement at multiple points for large EUTs.
  • CISPR36 compliant.

Supported Standards

2004/104/EC、ECE R10-02、CISPR12、CISPR25 and other vehicle manufacturer test standards

System Configuration Examples

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Output data by our software TEPTO


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