BCI Test (Bulk Current Injection Test)


Bulk Current Injection test(BCI test) is an immunity test method that injects RF disturbance current into the harness under test via a BCI probe.  A typical configuration of the test covers the frequency range 1M-400MHz, but can be extended to about 10k-2GHz depending on probe selection.

The system standardly takes into account the “displacement method” based on pre-test calibration and the “closed loop method” based on actual RF current measurements during the test, enabling testing in compliance with various standards.

In addition to the above basic control, the TEPTO EMS-X BCI software is equipped with a “harmonic check function” and an “automatic upper power limit control function” during closed-loop testing based on original manufacturer standards. System upgrades and upgrades using existing hardware are also available.


  • BCI probes for various specifications Intelligent, specially designed software.
  • Capable of accommodating special limit curves (specifications that vary with frequency) in accordance with private standards.
  • Simple system configuration.
  • Various hardware/software protection functions as standard to enhance safety.
  • Optional superimpose function to record the test conditions with camera images

Supported Standards

ISO 11452-4, SAE J1113-4, E2004/104/EC, ECE R10, Private Standards of Automobile Manufacturers

System Configuration Examples

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