KEC Method Shield Characteristic Measurement System


Evaluation system for shielding characteristics of near electric field and near magnetic field of shielded materials conforming to KEC method.

Automatic measurement of shielding effectiveness against near magnetic and electric fields. Wide bandwidth coverage from 100k-1000MHz and wide dynamic range of over 80dB (10-1000MHz).

TEPTO-SES software allows saving, printing, copying and pasting of calibration measurements and shield evaluation results, graphs and lists. Range division of frequency range (up to 5 ranges) and desired bandwidth setting. Factor management of preamplifier gain, loss, etc. Comment, header, and footer can be set as desired.

We also offer system upgrades and system upgrades using existing hardware with our extensive hardware support. In addition to system sales, we can also sell software only.

Supported Standards

KEC method

System Configuration Examples

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Receiving Antenna

Software TEPTO-DV/RE


Output impedance50Ω
EUT size5(H)x200(W)x200(D) or less
Dimensions500(H)×350(W)×350(D)mm or less
WeightMeasuring table: 10 kg or less, Electric field measuring plate: 12 kg or less, Magnetic field measuring plate: 15 kg or less


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