Low Frequency Radiated Magnetic Field Immunity Testing (MIL/SAE, etc.)


Immunity testing for low-frequency AC magnetic fields has been required in the past, particularly for U.S. military equipment and automotive industry standards. In recent years, similar testing is also required by the European product group standard EN55103-2 for professional audio/visual equipment.

We can offer solutions based on our advanced know-how, ranging from relatively low-level magnetic field generation systems such as EN55103-2 to high-level magnetic field generation systems of about 800 A/m required by MIL461E RS101 and other standards.


  • Complies with MIL461E RS101, SAE J1113-22, EN55103-2, and other standards.
  • High test dynamic range achieved by advanced system know-how.
  • Various Helmholtz coils and loop coils are available to accommodate the physical size of the product.
  • High-performance LF power amplifier to withstand high-specification tests.
  • Use of high-precision magnetic field sensors.
  • Excellent user interface with specially developed software

Supported Standards

MIL461E RS101、SAE J1113-22、EN55103-2 etc.

System Configuration Examples

Related Products

Helmholtz coil

Loop coil


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