Magnetic Field Intensity Measurement


This system complies with EN, CISPR, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law, and other national standards. Combination of Spectrum Analyzer and EMI Receiver, and completely self-developed software, enables both high speed and high accuracy of measurement.

Standard support for EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers from major manufacturers. System upgrades and upgrades using existing hardware are also available.


  • Compliance with EN, CISPR, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law, etc.
  • Combination of spectrum analyzer and EMI receiver enables higher speed and sophistication.
  • Flexible system construction is possible due to standard support for hardware from various manufacturers.
  • Dedicated RF switch matrix design Automatic identification of user level improves safety and reliability in use.
  • Single-axis and tri-axis switching available

Supported Standards

Complies with EN, CISPR, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law

System Configuration Examples


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