Near-Field Immunity (Sleeve/Whip Antenna Method) Test


With the rapid spread of mobile devices such as cell phones, this test is used to confirm that there is no malfunction or loss of performance of electronic devices for automobiles used in the vicinity of such devices.

By using antennas that correspond to different frequencies, evaluation tests for electromagnetic field immunity and degradation of products in the near field can be performed with high reproducibility.

The core of the system is the TEPTO EMS-X NF automatic measurement software, which enables fully automated testing of various radio bands using radiating antennas (monopole, whip, sleeve broadband, etc.).

The latest broadband modulations such as AWGN and OFDM are also supported.


  • Supports wideband modulation such as AWGN and OFDM.
  • Accurate VSWR calculation at antenna end by software based on information such as cables between antennas.
  • Automatic control of X-axis + Y-axis scanning of the radiating antenna (Please contact us about Z-axis and rotation adding).
  • Step or continuous antenna movement (speed can be set).
  • Optimal system proposal according to the required antenna input power and frequency band.
  • Various digital modulations (PDC, DECT, PHS, GSM, etc.) can be generated.
  • Superimpose function is available as an option to record the status during the test with camera images.

Supported Standards

ISO11452-9, Private Standards of Automobile Manufacturers

System Configuration Examples

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Various Radiating Antennas

Measurement Software TEPTO-RS-NF Image


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