Noise Terminal Voltage Measurement

System that detects conducted noise emitted through the power supply line of the device under test through a LISN (pseudo power supply network) and measures it as a voltage value. Complies with EN, CISPR, FCC, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law, and other national standards of each country.


TEPTO-DV/CE automatic measurement software, the heart of the system, precisely controls the spectrum analyzer, EMI receiver, LISN, and switch matrix to perform precision measurements using quasi-peak detection through full-bandwidth waveform spectrum acquisition with simple operation.

By using the broadband time domain of the EMI receiver, the entire test frequency range can be tested at high speed.

Automatic LISN measurement phase switching is supported as standard (requires separate I/O board, etc.).
In addition to the automatic measurement mode, a manual measurement mode is also equipped.

Standard support for EMI receivers, spectrum analyzers, and LISNs of various manufacturers. A wide variety of related accessories such as high-impedance probes and ISNs are also available. We also offer system upgrades and upgrades utilizing existing hardware.


  • Complies with EN, CICPR, FCC, VCCI, Radio Law, etc.
  • Accurate control of EMI receiver and spectrum analyzer enables higher speed and sophistication.
  • High speed and sophistication are achieved by using the broadband time domain of the EMI receiver.
  • Flexible system construction is possible due to standard support for hardware from various manufacturers.
  • RF switch matrix designed specifically for each user’s environment.
  • User-level authority management for increased safety and reliability.
  • LISNs are available for small equipment ranging from 10A single-phase to 300A three-phase.
  • Signal line conduction measurement systems can be constructed using ISNs and various probes

Supported Standards

Complies with EN, CISPR, FCC, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law.

System Configuration Examples

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