Radiated Emission Measurement


TEPTO-DV/RE is a system that directly captures the noise radiated from the device under test and measures it as a field strength value, complying with EN, CISPR, FCC, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law and other national standards of each country.

The TEPTO-DV/RE automatic measurement software, which is the core of the system, precisely controls the spectrum analyzer, EMI receiver, antenna positioner, turntable, and switch matrix to perform precision measurements using quasi-peak detection through acquisition of full-bandwidth waveform spectra with simple operation.

Supports EMI receivers, spectrum analyzers, and position controllers of various manufacturers as standard. System upgrades and upgrades utilizing existing hardware are also available. At the time of delivery, we will propose test conditions that meet the user’s customized requirements.


  • Accurate control of EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers enables higher speed and sophistication.
  • Flexible system construction is possible due to standard support for hardware of various manufacturers.
  • RF switch matrix designed specifically for each user’s environment.
  • User-level authority management for increased safety and reliability.
  • Abundant options such as daily check function, cable loss measurement application, and countermeasure tools.
  • Special specifications such as microwave band, millimeter wave, and high-sensitivity systems are also available.

Supported Standards

Conforms to EN, CISPR, FCC, VCCI, Electrical Safety Law, etc.

System Configuration Examples

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