Radiated Immunity Test System


This is a test system to evaluate the interference resistance to strong electric fields by irradiating electromagnetic waves to the device under test.
Conforms to EN, CISPR, and other national standards. The standard configuration takes into account the increase in peak levels associated with recent AM modulation, and we offer high-performance specifications at a reasonable price.

TEPTO-RS radiated immunity test software is equipped with functions for evaluating electric field uniformity and generating reference data from the obtained results as standard functions. As an option, TEPTO-RS can control a digital oscilloscope or audio analyzer to automatically determine malfunctions.
The configuration is highly expandable with a view to supporting new standards.

Drivers for signal generators, power meters, electric field monitors, etc. from various manufacturers are supported as standard. We also accept system upgrades and upgrades utilizing existing hardware.


  • Proposes optimal combinations from a wide variety of power amplifiers and antennas.
  • Flexible system construction is possible due to standard support for hardware of various manufacturers.
  • In addition to standard AM/FM/pulse modulation, digital modulation such as GSM and broadband modulation such as AWGN are also supported.
  • Offers system construction to meet your needs, from basic specifications for 80-6000 MHz testing to microwave and millimeter-wave band testing.
  • Equipped with various protection functions as standard to enhance safety.
  • Superimpose function to record the test condition with camera images is available as an option.
  • RF switch matrix designed exclusively according to the number of power amplifiers, directional couplers, etc.
  • Newly equipped with a daily check function to inspect the operation of the entire system

Supported Standards

EN 55024, CISPR24 (CISPR35), IEC/EN 61000-4-3

System Configuration Examples

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