Radiated Magnetic Field Immunity Test System


This test is used to evaluate the immunity of on-board electronic equipment components to disturbances caused by magnetic fields generated by power generation and transmission facilities, and by railroads and other facilities.

With the spread of hybrid and electric vehicles, the demand for radiated magnetic field immunity testing of in-vehicle electronic equipment is rapidly increasing due to the strong low-frequency magnetic fields generated by the inverters and motors of these vehicles.

This system can handle magnetic field immunity tests from DC range up to 200 kHz by using radiating loop coils and Helmholtz coils.


  • Standard support for magnetic field emissions equivalent to ISO 11452-8 Level 1 to 4 (15Hz to 150kHz, max. 30 to 1000A/m).
  • In addition to AC magnetic field testing, DC magnetic field testing (3000A/m) can be extended.
  • Customized design to meet each automobile manufacturer’s standard and custom requirements.
  • Coil size can be proposed according to product size and shape (Helmholtz coils are also available).
  • Software only is also available

Supported Standards

ISO11452-9, Private Standards of Automobile Manufacturers

System Configuration Examples

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