Rebubbling Chamber Test System

This test method is capable of performing immunity and emission tests using a cavity resonator (rebubbling chamber).


This test is performed by rotating an agitator (stirrer or tuner) installed in a cavity resonator to irradiate an electric field to the EUT from all directions using the standing waves generated when the resonant frequency generated in the cavity resonator is matched with the transmission frequency.

Complies with IEC, ISO, MIL, and DO-160 standards.


  • The combination of our original software “TEPTO EMS-X RVC” and LS-Probe (LUMILOOP) enables measurement at an overwhelming velocity.
  • Our software is compatible with RVCs of various manufacturers.
  • The “TEPTO EMS-X RVC” can optimally control multiple electric field sensors (LS-Probe).
  • Various analysis functions are provided as standard, allowing users to operate the system simply.
  • The “TEPTO EMS-X RVC” can also be used with multiple stirrers.
  • The flat design of the software is also a key feature for intuitive user operation.

Supported Standards

IEC 61000-4-21、ISO 11452-11、MIL-STD-461G、RTCA DO-160G

System Configuration Examples


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