Appropriate solutions based on the world-class test instruments.

In particular, our “EMC Measurement Systems,” combined with our user-friendly and self-developed software, including post-delivery support and services, are supported by many users, including manufacturers, educational and research institutions, and certification organizations in Japan and overseas.
Based on our extensive references, we can provide the appropriate solution for each customer, ranging from formal evaluation measurement systems to simple evaluation systems that comply with various standards for information equipment, in-vehicle equipment, home appliances, semiconductors, and other products.
We are also available to consult with you about other unique automatic systems for measurement, line management, etc.


We are happy to hear about your requests other than those mentioned above.
Also, we have expertise in high-frequency, microwave, and millimeter-wave measurements other than EMC, and we can help you with more than just what is listed on our home page.
Please feel free to contact us for a free product introduction and useful materials.

Other Information

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