Drone Detection System

All-in-one system to warn of drone intrusion

All-in-one detection system detects drone intrusion based on real-time measurements of radiated emissions
If a drone is around, it sends an alert and warns the operator.
The detection range depends on the distance between the drone and the operator, but can be as far as about 3 km away.

The detection speed varies from 10 μs to 500 ms, depending on the number of antenna arrays used.
Since the system detects the radio link between the drone and the operator’s remote control, detection is possible even during takeoff or ascent.
This type of early warning distinguishes it from acoustic and optical drone detection systems.
Multiple drones can be detected and their distance from the drone can also be measured.

The detection system can be operated anywhere.
Can be used to protect a variety of facilities such as residential areas, commercial buildings, and power plants.
The system can be adjusted to the characteristics of the terrain being monitored.

Software-based Analysis

The detection system comes with software that allows 24/7 monitoring and recording with gapless data streaming (up to 4 TB /day).
The drone detection software has an intuitive layout combined with powerful tracking, triggers and displays.

Standards and Option

The drone detection system uses a 3D radar and spectrum analyzer, from which you can choose.
The 3D antennas include the IsoLOG 3D 80-UWB with 24 antennas and the IsoLOG 3D 160-UWB with 48 antennas, standard from 9 kHz to 6 GHz with an optional frequency range extension to 20 GHz.
Spectrum analyzers are available in the portable XFR V5 PRO or the stationary RF Command Center.


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