Electric Field Sensor

ModelFrequencyManufacturerMain applications ・ Features
LS Probe 1.210kHz – 6GHz
(When using options:10Hz-8.2GHz)

Laser-supplied electric field probe
Noise reduction and temperature compensation function
Accurate measurements down to 0.1 V/m without any adjustment
Dynamic range up to 100 dB
500,000 samples per second
Non-destructive field strength 10 to 40 kV/m
Fiber optic extension up to 100m
Up to 10 simultaneous connections
Maximum frequency range 10 Hz to 8.2 GHz (optional)
LS Probe 2.09kHz – 18GHzLUMILOOPNext Generation, High Speed, High Precision, Broadband Electric Field Probe.
Laser supplied and no batteries required.
Advanced compensation.
Backward compatible with LS Probe 1.2.


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