Horizontal and Vertical Combustion Tester (AUTO-SPA)

500W(5V class)50W(HB/V class)
Experimental flame500W(V-0,1,2)50W(V-0,1,2)
Combustion tube Internal diameter9.5±0.3mm9.5±0.3mm
Burning angle0,20,45°0,20,45°
ThermocoupleType K (Ni/Cr – Ni/Al)Type K (Ni/Cr – Ni/Al)
Thermocouple size0.5mm0.5mm
Copper block9mm±0.01mm, Weight: 10g±0.05g Before drilling9mm±0.01mm, Weight: 10g±0.05g Before drilling
AC voltage Range400mV ~ 750V120mV~750V
Temperature rise speed100°C±5°C to 700°C±3°C; 54s±2s (preset)100°C±5°C to 700°C±3°C;44s±2s
Gas flow rate965±32ml/min105±10ml/min
Gas supplyMethane, 98% purityMethane, 98% purity
Water supply column height125m±5mm<10mm
Test time54±2s44±2s
Flame height40±1mm20±1mm
Chamber capacity>0.5m³, black0.5m³, black


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