Horn Antenna

ModelFrequencyManufacturerMain applications ・ Features
3160 series0.96 – 40.0GHzETS LindgrenEMI/EMS
31171.00 – 18.0GHzETS LindgrenEMI/EMS
SAS-57418.0 – 40.0GHzA.H.SystemsEMI/EMS
LB-90-25-C2-NF8.20 – 12.4GHzA-INFOEMI/EMS
LB-28-25-C2-KF26.5 – 40.0GHzA-INFOEMI/EMS
LB-12-20-A-0160.0 – 90.0GHzA-INFOEMI/EMS
BBHA9120A0.8 – 4.5GHzSchwarzbeckEMI/EMS
BBHA9120B1 – 10GHzSchwarzbeckEMI/EMS
BBHA9120J0.8 – 6.2GHzSchwarzbeckEMI/EMS
Gain is 11 dBi at 1 GHz to 20 dBi at higher frequencies.
BBHA9120K400MHz – 1.6GHzSchwarzbeckEMI/EMS
For short range immunity testing.
Suitable for automotive 600 V / m pulse radar testing 1.2 to 1.4 GHz.


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