Spectrum Analyzer


It is the industry’s only instrument capable of covering 2 to 90 GHz in a single sweeping (preselector bypassed), allowing baseband and RF testing to be performed with this single unit.

The preselector, which is available up to 85 GHz, can be used to suppress image signals and other spurious emissions that occur when using a harmonic mixer. For user comfort, two input ports, 2Hz/67GHz (1.85mm) and 2Hz/90GHz (1mm), are equipped as standard to maximize performance in R&D of automotive radar and mm-wave band.

ModelFrequencyManufacturerMain applications ・ Features
R&S FSW2Hz –
8 / 13.6 / 26.5 / 43.5/
50 / 67 / 85 / 90GHz
Rohde&Schwarz・Phase noise -137dBc(1Hz)
・Ideal for various wireless communication and radar system evaluations
・EMI pre-compliance (optional)


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