Tracking resistance tester (AUTO-LDA)

Electrode distance, Angle4.0±0.1mm,60±5°
Test voltage100~600V (rms)
Test current1A±0.1A (rms) Display value 1.5% difference
Electrode rangeWidth 0.5±0.1mm
Thickness 0.2±0.1mm
Length 12mm
Tip angle 30 + 2° (0.5 + 0.1°)
Electrode load1.00+0.05N
Dropping nozzleOuter diameter: 0.9 to 1.2 mm for solution A
0.9-3.45mm for solution B
Drip interval0-99s (adjustable)
44-55 / 1cm3 (adjustable) Duration of drop hitting sample: (30±2)min
ControlSingle tip control + Touch screen
Box volume0.5m³
Dimensions1100W×700D×1300H mm
Power supply800VA、200V 48-60Hz
LanguageEnglish, Chinese


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